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June 12, 2012

Lindsay Lohan’s Racy New Role

-Good news for Lindsay Lohan: she landed a role in Bret Eaton Ellis’ new film. Bad news for Lindsay Lohan: her costar is a porn star, it’s going straight to VOD/Netflix, and it might require some full frontal.

-Whenever I glance quickly at photos of Anne Hathaway’s new fiance, I always mistake him for Ryan Gosling. Well played, Hathaway!

-Speaking of Ryan, here’s a photo of his tongue — just because I love you.

Cameron Diaz has clearly been hanging around Gwyneth Paltrow too long. She’s going all GOOPY and writing a book on nutrition.

-Speaking of stars-turned-authors, Diane Keaton says she’s writing a book about “beauty, aging and being a woman.”

-I’d have loved to be in the room when Vanity Fair took this photo of Paramount’s biggest stars. Also, there are 116 people in that photo and yet my eyes instantly gravitated to George Clooney. It’s a sickness. (Cloomydia?)

-Meanwhile, those clever folks at Vulture have compiled nine love triangles suggested by the Paramount photo.

Angelina Jolie continues to use her genetic perfection for good instead of evil, shooting a PSA for World Refugee Day.

-In other do-gooder news, Shia LaBeouf volunteered with some disadvantaged youth in L.A.

Matthew McConaughey stepped out wearing his new wedding band (yay!) and a shirt (boo!).

Avril Lavigne pulled a Rihanna and shaved off half of her hair.

-Why is Channing Tatum sporting a black eye? More importantly, when did I suddenly start caring about Channing Tatum’s health and well being? This is worrisome…

Willow and Wesley (or Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof, as they probably prefer to be called) named their new daughter Keeva. I don’t hate it.

Carrie Underwood wins us over (just a bit) by coming out in support of gay marriage.

-In surprisingly happy celebrity couples news, Kobe Bryant‘s divorce may be off.

-I wanted to love Take This Waltz much more than I did, but at least it landed Michelle Williams one of her most stunning mag covers yet.

Girls creator/star Lena Dunham is movin’ on up to an apartment in Brooklyn Heights.

-Meanwhile, Lena says HBO was wary of last week’s peeing scene.

Leonardo DiCaprio indulged in some mild PDA with girlfriend Erin Heatherton in NYC yesterday.

-Is it just me, or did Drew Barrymore’s belly bump come out of nowhere?!

Malin Akerman says she and Tom Cruise share the “tongue-iest tongue kiss of all time” in Rock of Ages. Yay?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt makes cycling look like a contact sport in the Premium Rush trailer.