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Tessa Thompson Knows What You Think About Her and Janelle Monae; Doesn’t Care

Tessa Thompson dating Janelle Monae

-Without confirming or denying any rumours, Tessa Thompson opened up about her relationship with Janelle Monae. “We love each other deeply, we’re so close. We vibrate on the same frequency. If people want to speculate about what we are, that’s okay. It doesn’t bother me.”

-I’ve been listening to Drake’s new album all day. So far, Summer Games and Don’t Matter To Me are the standouts.

-The world doesn’t deserve Terry Crews.

-Julia Roberts made her second Instagram post ever — and it might be an ad?

Beyonce‘s Crazy In Love has been named as the best track of the century so far. That tracks.

Kathy Griffin claims that Kim Kardashian doesn’t know how to spell her own name. That tracks, too.

-Time Magazine just named the most influential people on the internet, and they include Rihanna, Busy Philipps, Kanye West, BTS and Matt Drudge.

-Late night hosts continue to join forces to fight Trump. Following this week’s earlier team up between Jimmy Fallon, Conan O’Brien and Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart took over The Late Show to insist “we will prevail.”

Patricia Clarkson says she saw Justin Timberlake naked on a film set once and was impressed. “If we want to talk about big…”  And yet, dude has zero BDE. Go figure.

-This is cute. The Back Street Boys performed songs a capella with fans in an elevator for MTV.

Hailey Baldwin wants everyone to know that she and Shawn Mendes are not an item following her reconciliation with Justin Bieber. Well, ok then.

-Whoa. YouTube just ordered a Jordan Peele sci-fi anthology. So now I have to subscribe to paid YouTube too? Sigh.

-Yay! The first trailer for Juliet, Naked is out. I loved loved loved this book.


All of Hollywood Is In Love with Jeff Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum GQ

-The best part of this GQ article on Jeff Goldblum (in which celebrities tell stories of being mesmorized by him) is when Edward Norton remembers his friend sitting next to Jeff on an plane. “Jeff said, ‘I don’t know if this would interest you — and if not, of course no problem — but I’m very good at reading books aloud, and if you’d like I’d be happy to read [your book] to you.’ She said, ‘Sure.’ She had about 90 pages left, and Jeff read her the rest of it out loud. She said his reading was excellent.” -The mighty keep falling! Six women, including Olivia Munn, have accused director Brett Ratner of sexual harassment. -It’s costing jobs, too. Ratner’s Hugh Hefner biopic has now been placed on hold following the allegations. -The floodgates have opened and the Kevin Spacey stories are pouring in. Filmmaker Tony Montana says Spacey groped him in a bar in 2003, while actor Roberto Cavazos says Spacey routinely preyed on young male theatre actors. One has to wonder if Bryan Singer is next. -This Is Us cut a Kevin Spacey name drop from last night’s episode — although we still got it on the Canadian feed. -Oh no. A former PA has accused Dustin Hoffman of sexual harassing her on the set of Death of a Salesman in the 1980s. This one hurts. –Jeremy Piven is denying Ariane Bellamar‘s allegations that he touched her non-consensually on two separate occasions on the Entourage set. -The intense NDA that Leonardo DiCaprio makes his employees sign is raising eyebrows. I’ve seen quite a bit of speculation about just how much longer the pussy posse is going to remain unscathed in this environment. -Meanwhile, I love this article. (“This is some renegade ’70s-era feminist shit going on.”) –Chris Hemsworth is crediting his Ghostbusters cameo for letting him show off his comedic chops in Thor. –Tyrese Gibson, who clearly has no idea how Hollywood hierarchy works, has threatened to quit ‘Fast 9’ if Dwayne Johnson returns. I’m laughing forever. –Justin Hartley‘s wedding was quite the family affair with almost all of his This Is Us co-stars in attendance. –Milo Ventimiglia  is going to play Jennifer Lopez’s boyfriend in a new romcom and I’m gonna watch the crap outta that. -Holy moly, look at this Lion King cast. Beyonce! John Oliver! Seth Rogen! Keegan Michael-Key! Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber went on a bike ride together. No, that’s no a euphemism. –Tessa Thompson, Scarlett Johansson, Brie Larson and Zoe Saldana pitched Marvel an all-female superhero movie. DO IT!!! –Kelly Clarkson tried to sing “Since U’ve Been Gone” backwards. She still nailed it. –Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. won Halloween by going as Pretty in Pink characters. -Is Me, Myself and I the first casualty of fall TV? -Ok, so I made it to episode six of Stranger Things. Should I just skip episode seven? Everyone HATES it. -Why yes, I WOULD like Blair Underwood to read me a vampire romance novel. -I, Tonya starring Margot Robbie as disgraced figure skater Tonya Harding just dropped a red-band trailer.

Emmys 2017: Best and Worst Dressed

emmys dresses fashion red carpet 2017


Embed from Getty Images

I have such a crush on Gina Rodriguez (and not just because she did an Instagram story earlier today about doing chin-ups while getting ready), so I was praying she would come to play. And boy, did she ever with this webby red number. Slay, queen!      

Embed from Getty Images

Lea Michele‘s Elie Saab dress is just the latest of the past few red carpets that is making me rethink my “I don’t like Elie Saab dresses” stance.  I wish her hair wasn’t so flat, but otherwise this is a great look for a presenter. Pretty and flattering without being spotlight-stealing.

Embed from Getty Images

Viola Davis offered a jolt of orange in this bright custom Zac Posen dress. I mean, at this point she could probably wear anything and I’d love it, but this is a stunner.      

Embed from Getty Images

I already know that some of you are going to be disagree but Tessa Thompson is probably my fave of the night. This shimmering, rainbow Rosie Assoulin dress took my breath away. The way it moved on camera was stunning. After toiling for years on TV, she’s about to take over the world in the new Thor movie and I, for one, can’t wait.      

Embed from Getty Images

Another dress we are sure to fight about is Zoe Kravitz‘s feathery Dior. I’m not sure I would dig this on anyone else, but the Big Little Lies star somehow makes it work.    



Embed from Getty Images

Reese Witherspoon looks like that woman in a romcom who’s planning to surprise her boyfriend by showing up to his office wearing a trenchcoat and nothing else — but then she ends up walking into his meeting and embarrassing herself. Much like I feel she is doing here…    

Embed from Getty Images

This should be Carrie Coon‘s night. She basically reigned over prestige TV this year with incredible performances in The Leftovers and Fargo. So why didn’t she seize the moment and slay the red carpet instead of opting for this droopy, forgettable Delpozo Resort gown?    

Embed from Getty Images

I don’t think Issa Rae is one of the worst dressed of the night, but she made my list because she was *thisclose* to being the best. The colour is perfect, the hair is great, the makeup is on point, but the cut of this Vera Wang just doesn’t work. Those arm bands make it seem unfinished, or like someone tore off pieces of it before pushing her onto the carpet.    

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Keri Russell is very dramatic in a black feathered gown, but much like the last season of her show The Americans, I wanted something more. Just ok doesn’t cut it.

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Much like Carrie Coon, this has been Mandy Moore‘s year. After countless failed pilots, she finally (finally!) became a TV star by landing a leading role on the only network show to break through last year. So this should have been a triumphant Emmy appearance, but the white tier on the skirt of her Carolina Herrera dress is really failing her here.