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Chris Pine Pops Up in Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later

-Here’s the Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later trailer. Holy crap on a stick, is that Chris Pine?!?

-Also, this bit about Chris Pine in the Charles Taylor interview is great: “I don’t know why he isn’t getting every leading role there is. He’s gorgeous, he’s charming, he’s got a great level-headed presence, and what he does in Wonder Woman is amazing. He is there to show her off. That is really the mark of someone who knows how to act in front of a camera: I am going to step back a bit and let my co-star shine.”

-Meanwhile, I took this Buzzfeed quiz where you create a BLT and discover your perfect Chris, and I got Chris Evans. I’m very ok with that.

-JFC… Bill Cosby wants to hold seminars on how to avoid sexual assault accusations. Don’t assault people. There, I’ve just written his whole script for him.

Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler reunited for a “Really?!?” segment last night on the Late Show. Really.

-Also, Amy Poehler has a theory about Daniel Day Lewis’ retirement. It involves potato chips and misunderstandings.

-I had very little interest in seeing Rough Night, but the trailers for Girls Night have me psyched. Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith and the cast are featured in an upcoming episode of Carpool Karaoke and the preview is great.

Ron Howard has officially taken over for the Hans Solo movie. According to EW, Lord & Miller were leaning into the comedy and allowing the stars to improv (which is what one does when one hires actors like Donald Glover and Phoebe Waller-Bridge), but writer and Star Wars veteran Lawrence Kasdan wanted them to stick to the script. The kicker at the end of this article though…

-Also, who will get the finished film’s directing credit?  How will residuals be apportioned? Will Lord and Miller even be allowed to attend the premiere?  The directors guild is going have an interesting time figuring this one out.

NASA is not impressed with GOOP’s $120 bio-frequency healing sticker packs.

Alison Brie is doing some hard posing and smizing at the Glow premiere, but Dave Franco‘s presence makes it all better.

-It’s been a rough news week. Hey, here’s Justin Trudeau hugging an enthusiastic unicorn puppet for CBC Kids.

-The weirdest part about the Downton Abbey movie announcement is all the articles in which the cast seems surprised. “Well, tell my agent, because we’re still waiting to know.”

-Transformers: The Last Knight suffered a franchise-low opening day.

Naomi Watts‘ new Netflix series Gypsy is not getting good reviews.  THR says “maybe watch episodes 1, 7 and 10. Skip the rest. You won’t miss much and you might enjoy it.”

Taylor Swift put her music on streaming services and just made almost $400,000 in one week.

-HBO wants you to watch The Leftovers series finale so much, they put it up on YouTube for free. (I adored it, but if you didn’t watch the series you’ll be lost.)

Alexis Bledel, who did the best work of her career in The Handmaids Tale, will return as a series regular in Season 2 (which has been extended to 13 episodes from 10). Which probably means no more new Gilmore Girls for quite some time…

-I’m kinda glad Jennifer Lopez is going back to her romantic comedy roots. That’s where I like her best (outside of Out of Sight, but that felt like a fluke).

-This is a great read about a Facebook group of tens of thousands of Brendan Fraser fans. Surprising, sweet fandom shit like this makes me weirdly happy.

John Cho ponders death and romance in the Columbus trailer. Yes! John Cho in as the romantic lead in everything, please!

-Look at our girl Tatiana Maslany co-leading a movie alongside Jake Gyllenhaal. Look at her!!

Best and Worst Dresses at 2016 SAG Awards

There were a lot of messes on the 2106 SAG Awards red carpet, but there were some winners too. Here are Nicole and my picks for best and worst dressed of the night:


After a big misstep with the white apron dress, Alicia Vikander‘s Louis Vuitton sequinned column dress is two in a row for gorgeous gowns this season. Her shiny, straight hair compliments the dress and simple bronze makeup nails the look. She’s probably my favourite of the night, especially when she turned on the red carpet and I saw the thigh-high slit. -Nicole

I have never, ever liked anything Gaby Hoffman has worn on a red carpet – but that changed tonight. Her Rachel Comey dress was weird and unique and super flattering. Add the punk hair (with visible greys!) and she was a total boss. She also recycled her shoes from a recent event.  I adore her. -Jen

I have loved Rachel McAdams‘ choices this season and her SAG Elie Saab gown is classically stunning. I do wish she’d worn a brighter lip but the un-fussy hair balanced out the structured dress. It’s super well done and the second time she’s been on my best list this season and impressively for a very different dress. -Nicole

Once again, Queen Latifah owns the red carpet. She’s the picture of simple elegance in a shimmery Michael Costello gown. -Jen

I’m not usually a fan of lace dresses, but Naomi Watts in blue Burberry is a vision. (And I’m not just saying that because it’s a longer version of an H&M dress that I’ve had for like, 8 years and every time I wear it someone compliments me on it – including Gillian Anderson!) -Jen


Dresses from this Gucci collection have turned up all over lately, including Dakota Johnson on The Tonight Show. I keep thinking that these dresses look as though they have walked out of a cartoon and Nicole Kidman‘s is no exception. The tiers are too fussy. -Nicole

Pairing a painful-looking topknot with a cheap-looking Romana Kevesa dress (featuring a figure skating outfitish mesh panel) was more than enough to secure Kaley Cuoco a spot on our worst dressed list. -Jen

I bemoaned the lack of lip colour tonight and I’ll give Quantico’s Priyanka Chopra props for her gorgeous lipstick. But this pink confection of a pouffy Monique Lhuillier dress is not my favourite. It’s very prom-y and does not do this beautiful girl justice. -Nicole

I don’t understand how stars can end up on a red carpet in an ill-fitting, poorly tailored dress. Sarah Silverman‘s Vivenne Westwood dress is the wrong colour, the wrong hemline, and worst of all, the wrong fit. (Gwedoline Christie‘s dress had the same issue.) -Jen

I saw Brie Larson‘s Versace dress from behind and thought the orange suspender detail was cute. Unfortunately the front was so fussy and busy that it all fell apart for me. She also looks so, so painfully thin. I’ve not been sold on Brie’s choices this awards season so here’s hoping she pulls it together for the big one.  -Nicole