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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Engaged

-Just when we thought the news cycle was too depressing comes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s engagement announcement. They handled themselves absolutely perfectly, from their adorable photocall (in which she wore a Canadian designer — and no pantyhose!) to their super charming first joint interview (“The [Queen’s] corgis took to you straight away. I’ve spent the last 33 years being barked at; this one walks in – absolutely nothing. Just wagging tails.”). Also, I’m surprised by how frankly she talks about having to give up her career for this.

Harry designed the diamond engagement ring using one stone from Botswana and two diamonds from Diana’s personal collection.

-The guy who plays her love interest on Suits won Twitter.

-Also, I really want to watch all her Hallmark movies now. And I am definitely going to re-read The Royal We this weekend.

-Vanity Fair is celebrating the Marvel universe with this four-cover special. I wish this were one of the covers.

-I really, really like this Buzzfeed writer, but her article on “10 years of trying to make Armie Hammer happen” was a little harsh. He’s never been a fave of mine and I certainly think he plays into his smug persona (which was cemented for me when he was at TIFF, as well as his response to Buzzfeed), and I totally agree with her point that he’s been afforded opportunities others have not because of race, wealth and gender. I just wish she had broadened it out to not just be about him. I can think of a bunch of other actors that would fit the bill  just as well (if  not  better) when it comes to his career vs. how he’s currently being presented.

-Glee actress Naya Rivera was arrested Saturday and charged with misdemeanor domestic battery following an altercation with her husband. Police say she hit him in the head while they were taking their son for a walk.

-Lady Bird is now Rotten Tomatoes’ best-reviewed film, with a 100% score after 165 reviews. The record was previously held by Toy Story 2. I assumed I was not going to like it because I have never bought into Greta Gerwig‘s schtick (I almost walked out of Frances Ha), but it’s one of my faves of the year. Two weeks later and I’m still thinking about it. Go see it!

Tiffany Haddish hung out with ‘big sister’ Barbra Streisand — and taught her about Cardi B. God, I wish she’d recorded that…

-Wow, people *hate* the new Frozen short that plays before Coco.

Black Mirror’s Season 4 trailer is here to freak you out.

-Wisdom of the Crowd has been cancelled at CBS as Jeremy Piven‘s sexual assault scandal heats up. All 13 ordered episodes will air, but the show is effectively dead.

-This is a great article questioning why This Is Us can’t tell good stories about characters other than Randall?

Leah Remini believes the LAPD is working with the Church of Scientology to bury Danny Masterson‘s rape claims.

-Seeing as the New York Times got roasted this weekend by running a soft-focus profile on a Nazi that seemed to paint him as sympathetic, I can’t wait to see how critics react to the CW’s superhero crossover (which airs tonight and tomorrow), which depicts the Arrow, Supergirl and the Flash as Nazis. What were they thinking?

-Speaking of CW shows, I totally agree with this article on how The Flash is once again failing its female characters this season.

-Also on superhero TV, I thought I was tapped out on them but I really, really liked the first two episodes of Marvel’s The Runaways. Makes sense: it’s from the creators of The OC and novelist Rainbow Rowell is on the writing staff.

-The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel (from the creator of Gilmore Girls) drops this week on Amazon — and it feels like no one knows? Why in the world did Amazon not drop this before the long weekend in the US?

Susan Sarandon is cancelled — again. In a new interview with the Guardian, she says “I thought Hillary was very dangerous. If she’d won, we’d be at war” and calls feminists “strident bitches” and “emotional.”

Ethan Hawke is an agent on the run in 24 Hours to Live.

Grey’s Anatomy’s Jesse Williams & Wife Aryn Drake-Lee Divorcing

Jesse Williams and his wife of nearly five years Aryn Drake-Lee are splitting. Dammit. They were my gold standard couple for ‘incredibly hot-looking actor with gorgeous (but in a totally normal way) spouse’.

Salma Hayek thought her husband was having an affair a couple of days ago — so she used it as a funny anecdote on The Tonight Show.

-If you’re famous and you say something dumb, at least apologize and own up to it like Chris Pratt did.

Rihanna And Lupita Nyong’o say they’ll make a movie that Twitter made up. Don’t tease us!

-Unlike some of her costars, Samira Wiley is not afraid to call The Handmaid’s Tale “a feminist work.”

Rachael Leigh Cook updated her infamous drug ad for 4/20, which reminded me that I miss her and want her to be a big star again. Some cable drama needs to scoop her up!

-If there’s a TV writer’s strike, these are the only 8 shows that will air their seasons without interruption — and they are all on streaming services or cable.

-It’s very cute that Selena Gomez attended her former Wizard of Waverly Place costar’s wedding.

Katherine Heigl‘s new movie debuted to a mere $4.8M, marking a career worst. It’s almost unfortunate because I keep reading good things about the film’s ending and how it completely upends the obsessive woman archetype.

Serena Williams has no time for racist remarks about her unborn child.

Carrie Coon is having a moment (and yet still masters the art of dodging drunk people in NYC). Are you watching The Leftovers? It’s kind of perfect this season. Last night’s episode had the guy from Perfect Strangers (as himself) and instead of just playing it for laughs it was kind of heartbreaking.

-Some very bad fashion choices were made at Marie Claire’s Fresh Faces event.

-Great news: the new NBC comedy that Tina Fey is producing, Great News, is getting great reviews.

-Glee’s Naya Rivera may be dating David Spade? What??

-The first promo for ABC’s Dirty Dancing remake has dropped. Judging by the tweets from all the critics I follow who got screeners last week, don’t expect much.

-It tickles me that the network that’s running Jason Alexander‘s new show is sending out his headshot with the press release. Clowns have worn less makeup.

Tom Cruise is doing his extra-intense thing in the international trailer for The Mummy.

Rachel Lindsay Named ABC’s First Black Bachelorette


Rachel Lindsay has just been cast as the first black Bachelorette and people have lots of opinions, ranging from it’s beyond overdue to it’s too little, too late. Meanwhile, she’s already downplaying it, saying “Even though I’m an African-American woman, it’s no different than any other Bachelorette.”

-Harrison Ford has been involved in another airport incident after he flew too close to a passenger plane while piloting his private plane.

-Here’s the trailer for Apple’s reality series with Gwyneth Paltrow, which is like Shark Tank but with more apps and Jessica Alba.

Ryan Murphy called Glee’s feud between Lea Michele and Naya Riveraa shitstorm of difficulty.” He added, “There were many boys on our show that didn’t get along and you never hear about that. You never hear about that in our culture.” I’m listening…

-Speaking of Ryan Murphy and feuds, here’s the latest trailer for his new show.

-Wow. When the final ratings come out, there’s a chance SNL will be the No. 1 broadcast series of last week in the A18-49 demo.

Mandy Moore is having a moment. She stars in the Dawes’ new music video, and Vulture just called her presence on This Is Us “a stroke of ingenious casting.”

Hugh Jackman shared a personal sunscreen PSA after another skin cancer treatment.

-Is Angelina Jolie finally getting a publicist?

-If you’re not already OD’ing on all the Girls press this week, I really liked this writers roundtable.

Kerry Washington might be in the next Deadpool movie.

Robert Pattinson should probably go ahead and burn this sweater.

-I don’t watch TVD anymore, but this BTS clip is very cute.

-They just released the trailer for Everything Everything and it’s giving me all the squees! I adored that book. (The author tweet replied to me yesterday, which also squeed me up.)