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Ariana Grande Acts Terrible, Blames America’s Obesity Crisis


Ariana Grande donut

-I see Ariana Grande is still being her charming, modest self. She went to a doughnut shop, where she licked a batch of doughnuts when an employee had his back turned. She was also overheard saying “I hate America.” But it’s totes ok, guys. Her official statement/non-apology makes it clear that the whole thing was just an attempt to fat-shame you. So alls forgiven, right?

-Wait wait wait — is Jon Hamm single after 16 years with Jennifer Westfeldt? For reals? I’m gonna need some better confirmation on this than Star Magazine. What say you, official reps?!

-Kate Middleton went to Wimbledon today and looked fab. Ever since reading The Royal We I can’t help but picture her as a shots-loving, jeans-wearing American in disguise. I know it was fiction and all, but I’m easily misled.

-People delicately tiptoes around those Ben Affleck cheating allegations in their new cover story.  Meanwhile, I want whoever is quoted as a “source close to Garner” to craft every future sentence to ever leave my mouth.

-Amy Schumer tries to smile like a normal person in her show’s season finale, fails miserably.

-Meanwhile, she continues to kill it on her Trainwreck press tour, telling the New York Times: “My whole life, I felt like people wanted the girls to be a little quieter.”

-Channing Tatum‘s reasons for why he would run to Sandra Bullock‘s house in a zombie apocalypse are actually quite solid. “She’s a boss. I just figure she would have a fully stocked fridge and a really cool bar. She’s been a woman in Hollywood and dealt with a bunch of asshole men for so long, zombies are like nothing to her. ”

-Taylor Swift got to hang out with Sophie Turner, James McAvoy AND James McAvoy’s bald head? Life isn’t fair.

-Chrissy Teigen is using John Legend’s naked butt to protest Instagram’s nudity policy. I like how she thinks.

-This article about what it would be like if male actors were described the way female actors are in magazine profiles is wonder wrapped in love and hugged by awesomeness.

-You can now watch Paul Rudd get out of prison in this five-minute Ant-Man preview.

-I love how his Ant-Man costar Evangeline Lilly doesn’t care about pissing Marvel off in interviews.

-Meanwhile, early reviews are solid.

-Simmer down. Jay Z and Beyoncé aren’t actually buying the rights to the Confederate flag.

-How does this kind of outfit even happen to someone like Lily Collins?

-Taylor Kitsch says fan fascination for his FNL character is the “ultimate flattery,” saying, “When I’m at a bar in Austin, guys will come up. The beauty of Riggs, too, is it’s guys and girls.” Wait, I’M going to be at a bar in Austin soon. Is there some sort of booking process I should know about?

-Speaking of FNL alums, why isn’t Connie Britton (and Connie Britton’s hair) on the cover of every magazine? It’s spectacular!

-Here’s a great piece about how many female-empowering shows are suddenly on TV.

-Jake Gyllenhaal looks even more ripped in this new Southpaw trailer.

-Chris Pine tries to save a sinking ship in the trailer for The Finest Hours. Not his finest hour? That Boston accent.

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