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Gillian Anderson Poses Naked with a Giant Eel


Gillian Anderson gets naked with an eel for FishLove

Gillian Anderson in Fishlove’s new campaign (DENIS ROUVRE/FISHLOVE)

-Good on Gillian Anderson for being brave enough to pose naked (and with a gross eel!) for charity and all, but man, this is not a flattering photo.

-I think I actually sprained something by eyerolling at the reports that Kimye is planning to have their wedding at Versailles.

-Speaking of eyerolling, Gwyneth Paltrow is launching a new inspirational web series on AOL.

-Meanwhile, Jessica Biel is trying to get into the lifestyle guru game…and failing miserably.

-According to Page Six, Lindsay Lohan went into a nightclub bathroom to have sex with Liam Neeson’s 18 year-old son — while her 19-year-old boyfriend waited outside. That seems about right.

-Keira Knightley just wore her Chanel wedding dress on the red carpet…again. God bless that girl.

-I’m pretty sure this Bill Murray story isn’t true, but I’m going to choose to believe it anyway.

-Mariah Carey just wore a too-tight, sparkly dress, thereby marking the official start of the holiday season!

-47-year-old Cindy Crawford looks amazing (and topless) on the cover of V magazine.

-In other pretty covers, Lupita Nyong’o graces DuJour magazine.

-Amy Poehler and Nick Kroll are still going strong, which makes me stupidly happy.

-Mark your calendars: the Veronica Mars movie lands March 14. Celebrate with this new clip.

-Paul Rudd is hosting SNL this weekend, but all his promos seem to focus on One Direction.

-Britney Spears told Ellen yesterday about that one time she played spin the bottle with Ryan Gosling and it never landed on him. Curses!

-So is this Kris Jenner and Ben Flajnik actually happening? Ugh.

-Law officials have revealed that Paul Walker and his friend were not drag racing at the time of their deaths.

-The stupid Westboro Baptist Church idiots are planning to picket his funeral. Won’t Anonymous take these guys down already?

-Christian Slater married someone who isn’t you. (My favourite part of their meet-cute is that he has a “usual spot” in a park where he eats oatmeal every morning.)

-James Franco‘s Oscar campaign is in full swing.

-Meanwhile, Her is suddenly an Oscar contender, making this one of the most unpredictable races in years.  I’m really digging the latest trailer.

-Another day, another awesome George Clooney cover. I love Oscar season!

-Nigella Lawson admitted to trying cocaine “a few times” but says Charles Saatchi threatened to destroy her.

-I have to get eye surgery Friday. I’m anticipating my ride home from the clinic will go exactly like this.

-Perez Hilton is developing a reality show about gay fatherhood? Will it superimpose crudely drawn coke marks over everyone’s face?

-I’m glad Foals ended up so high on NME’s countdown of 2013′s best albums – though I’m shocked Yeezus wasn’t their No. 1.

-Brace yourself and/or clear your calendar! New chapters of R Kelly‘s Trapped In The Closet are coming in 2014.

-I love John Krasinski‘s expression in these photos. He’s all “seriously? Me shopping is interesting to you?” Yes, John. Yes, it is.

-House of Cards season two will premiere February 14 (because it’s such a romantic show?). Here’s the teaser trailer. I tried really hard to get through the first season but it was just so. much. work.

-Speaking of TV, I’m loving all the gushing reviews Arrow is getting this week. Yes, it cheesy, but at least it totally owns it.

-Love Amy Adams, hate her dress.

-Wait, so this little twig of a thing will play Wonder Woman? I guess they’re ditching the whole Amazon warrior backstory?

-The Sundance Film Festival just released its 2014 lineup, and it looks super solid. Expect movies starring Anne Hathaway, Kristen Stewart, Mark Ruffalo, Kristen Wiig and Aaron Paul.

-Shailene Woodley and Jared Leto were spotted together. Is it too early to worry for her?

-Here’s the first trailer for Charlie Countryman, which was that movie Evan Rachel Wood got into a Twitter fight with the MPAA over regarding her censored sex scene.

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