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Paul Wesley Splits from Wife Torrey DeVitto



-It’s a bad time to be in love on the set of The Vampire Diaries. Following Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder‘s split, Paul Wesley and Torrey DeVitto have announced their divorce.

-This might be the saddest sentence Jennifer Aniston has ever uttered: “When I really wanted to have a cheat day [while prepping for The Millers] I had to have a kale chip.” A kale chip! Singular! Meanwhile, I just spent the last week stuffing my face with cheeseburgers. (For work only, of course!)

-When it comes to her first post-baby appearance, “Kim [Kardashian] is just working with Kris [Jenner] to figure out the best plan of action.” And by “best,” they no doubt mean “most profitable.”

-Lindsay Lohan’s first post-rehab gig will be to guest-host Chelsea Lately, a show that’s basically sponsored by vodka. Solid plan, guys!

-Claire Danes says Anne Hathaway was very afraid of hurting her feelings when her Homeland parody aired on SNL.

-David Arquette taught a table of models to “twerk.” For the love of all things holy, somebody post the video!

-The Voice doesn’t want to hear Jennifer Lopez’s voice.

-Jay Z‘s performance art film will debut on HBO August 12. Is that Alan Cumming in the trailer? Yes, please!

-Meanwhile, Marina Abramovic wants the rap community to Google “performance art.”

-Darren Criss and Lucy Hale will host the Teen Choice Awards, which I usually love watching but will skip this year because it’s on right before the Breaking Bad season premiere, and that’s one transition my brain just can’t handle.

-Meanwhile, Bryan Cranston gets poetic in the latest Breaking Bad trailer, reinforcing my belief that it would be really nice to have him read me to sleep every night.

-Blake Lively is covering Lucky this month.

-Katy Perry blames those Robert Pattinson romance rumors on sexism, saying “I’m just trying to be a friend to him but it is unfortunate that I do have a set of tits.” She’s not wrong.

-Shonda Rhimes is writing a movie about female war correspondents. I’ll cosign that!

-Day One of Drake’s OVO Fest in Toronto has been cancelled because of Frank Ocean’s torn vocal cord.

-Every woman has a favourite bra. This one is clearly Lady Gaga‘s.

-Someone told Matt Damon about Benedict Cumberbatch‘s man-crush on him, and Matt was totally down with an Emmy hangout.

-Sarah Michelle Gellar‘s worlds are colliding. Husband Freddie Prinze‘s will costar on her Buffy boyfriend David Boreanaz‘s show, Bones.

-Ben Foster is in talks to play Lance Armstrong in that doping scandal movie.

-Nicki Minaj has responded to DJ Khaled‘s proposal by saying “he was kidding…we’re brother and sister.”  Ouch! That’s taking the friend zone to a whole new level.

-Taylor Lautner was spotted holding hands with his Tracers costar, Marie Avgeropoulos. I’m going to go ahead and assume that I don’t have to learn her name.

-This is an interesting article on how the extreme diet and training regime actors go through to transform into superheros could be more harmful than Kryptonite.

-Sweet baby jebus, TV On The Radio just released their first song in two years!

-Jimmy Fallon compiled a video of Brian Williams rapping “Good Vibrations” by Marky Mark, and it was amazing.

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