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Another Lindsay Lohan Jewellery Theft?



-Another day, another report that Lindsay Lohan has made off with jewellery that might not be hers. She was spotted landing in Brazil with a bracelet she took from the set of Anger Management.

-Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart and Lindsay have apparently bonded over their shared hatred of the paparazzi. This cannot end well for KStew…

-Congrats to Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, who just welcomed a baby girl named Lincoln. (I like the name, but I would have liked it a whole lot more in any other year than this one.)

-Are Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez spending time together again?

-Angelina Jolie is shooting down reports that she and Brad Pitt already got married.

-I haven’t fully caught up with the show yet, but I really liked this article on why Bunheads shouldn’t be cancelled (it hasn’t been, despite the URL).

-Amanda Bynes is now threatening to sue people who say mean things about her, so I’ll just post this without comment: she’s working on a fashion line.

-A whole bunch of stars (including Sarah Jessica Parker, Elisha Cuthbert and Blake Lively) showed up to the grand opening of a Target store in Toronto last night. I can understand why Blake went — she’s been hanging around Ontario while her husband shoots a film in Sudbury. But SJP was a get! (Word is she was the nicest too, walking the aisles chatting with people about what they were buying.)

-Miley Cyrus says she totally didn’t go on a date with Nick Jonas this week.

-Liz from Roswell (or Natalia from Girls, for you hipsters out there) just had a baby girl.

-Saturday is Tabletop Day, where you’re encouraged to play board games. Seth Green even did a little dance about it.

-FX made a bunch of announcements today, including the fact that they’re going to start airing reruns of Sports Night, Parks & Rec, Arrested Development and Freaks & Geeks. I just blue myself.

-Taylor Swift will show off her adorkable side on the season finale of New Girl. (Sidenote: next week’s episode will air Thursday instead of Tuesday, and it’s promisingly titled “First Date.”)

-I’ve never been a fan of planking or Swintoning or any of those other dumb photo trends, but I can totally get behind this one that’s taking off in Japan right now!

-I really, really don’t need to get into another TV show but man, is Orphan Black getting rave reviews. (Good on Tatiana Maslany, the Canadian actress who landed the lead.)

-Speaking of TV, Matthew Weiner says he knows you all want Sal back on Mad Men, but he doesn’t care.

-Wow. The Walking Dead really is weirdly similar to Toy Story.

-This is unexpected: Christopher Nolan is reportedly courting Matthew McConaughey for the lead in his next movie.

-Here’s the first bit of footage of Matt Damon and Michael Douglas in HBO’s Liberace biopic. So many sequins…

-I love the Nerdist podcast. I love YouTube’s My Drunk Kitchen. So watching the Nerdist’s Chris Hardwick cook fish sticks made my day! “Isn’t cooking so awful??!” Yes. Yes it is.

-I also enjoyed watching Amy Poehler turn into a fangirl while talking to Facts of Life writer Irma Kalish.

-Gawker has a pretty good rundown of all the f**kery happening on NBC’s Today right now.

-Kate Bosworth is looking skinnier than ever these days.

-The Lizzie Bennet Diaries wrapped up today. *sigh* I really liked Daily Beast’s video recap of all 100 eps in 100 seconds.

-Speaking of people in the LBD universe, John Green (who wrote the amazing The Fault in  Our Stars) just announced that he’ll be writing the introduction for a book being released about the girl that inspired his novel.

-I kind of adore this photo of Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger. #PaceyForever

-The new trailer for Kick-Ass 2 is all about Hit Girl, which can only be a good thing.

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